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We Back

Sometimes things happen that are out of your control. And instead of ripping out your hair and inhaling 5 pints of Ben & Jerry’s, the best thing you can do is pick your beautiful ass up and start from scratch.

Read above as: our site got deleted. we almost cried but then we remembered we aren’t basic.

5 years of work and nothing to show for it may seem like the worst thing since the Kardashians, and the first time your dad didn’t say, “Kim K-who? Be more specific Chad, there are millions of people named Kim K.”

It’s people like Chad who ruined everything. He probably deleted our site. F-ing Chad.

But we’re just here to say, Chad, that we’re back. With a vengeance. Like Die Hard, except we can’t afford Bruce Willis… yet.

Stick around and we promise we’ll bring you even better content this time around. More frequently, more interactively, and more sarcastically because, hello, a tigress can’t change her stripes even if a CHAD TRIES TO MAKE HER.