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SHE SPEAKS SPORTS | It’s playoffs baby, yeahhh!
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It’s playoffs baby, yeahhh!

It’s playoffs baby, yeahhh!

Nothing beats a buzzer beater, especially not the Oklahoma City Thunder. And it’s un-tucking-believable, you’ll never guess how much cash money Baltimore just gave their kicker.


Tuesday night, Portland Trailblazers point guard Damian Lillard single-handedly shot his team to the second round of the NBA playoffs with an insane-in-the-membrane buzzer beater.


The Blazers and their clutch point guard won the 4-1 series over the Oklahoma City Thunder when Lillard launched a 3-point shot into the basket from 37 feet away.  THIRTY-SEVEN FEET. Did we mention he scored 34 points in the first half alone, making him the first player to do that in the playoffs since Steve Nash in 2005? Did we mention he brought his team back from a 15-point deficit in the 4th quarter? Did we mention that Lillard also scored a career playoff high of 50 total points in the game?!

But wait, there’s more. He arced the killer shot while guarded by 6 foot 9 small forward (small, haha) Paul George. Lillard is only 6 foot 3 – microscopic, really. Now THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is clutch. Shift it into 10th gear, CLUTCH.

Ok, one more thing: This is his SECOND playoff clinching buzzer beater out of a total of five in NBA history! Damn, Dame.

The Trailblazers ended the series with a score of 118-115, and Damian Lillard ended it with a big “hey, hey, hey, goodbye” wave to OKC.


NBA – National Basketball Association.
Damian Lillard – 6th overall pick of the 2012 NBA draft. See above.
Buzzer Beater – The shot of all shots. The game winner. The on-the-edge-of-our-seats, hands over the face, one eye peeking out, really loud noise, followed by screams, basket.
Clutch Player – Performs well in the last minutes of the game, often under pressure, typically for the W (win).
Paul George – OKC small forward, six-time NBA all star
Steve Nash – Retired NBA point guard, 2x NBA MVP, 8x NBA Allstar, All-time BFF of Dirk Nowitzki.



Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker inked a 4-year extension Wednesday, making him the highest paid kicker in NFL history. The 5-year total deal is worth 20.45 million, including 12.5 million guaranteed in the first two years and an 8 million dollar signing bonus.


Arguably the NFL’s best kicker, and now the highest paid, Tucker is known for his incredible accuracy and the consistent product he brings to the field year after year. As it stands now, Tucker has converted 90.1% of field goal attempts in his career. No other kicker, IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL (we are talking, like, 1920) has hit a number over 88%.

As if two records aren’t enough, Tucker is also the first kicker to make at least 30 field goals in six seasons. And aside from a handful of blocked kicks, he hasn’t missed a field goal from inside 50 yards since 2015. Hey – great idea – just for shits and gigs, let’s recap: in his career, Tucker has made 237 of his 263 attempts and missed ONLY ONE extra point in 242 regular-season attempts for a total of 952 points. GOOD. LAWD. But honestly, the most impressive thing about the dude is the fact that he joined the Ravens in 2012 as an undrafted tryout player.


On days like today, we wish we got paid to kick things too. Apparently there’s a lot of money in that line of work.


Justin Tucker – Solid gold struck by the Baltimore Ravens in 2012, officially the highest paid kicker in the NFL.
Field Goal – A spot kick through the upright (ya know, that tall boxy thing in the end zone) worth 3 points.
Extra Point – aka PAT (point after touchdown), kicked from the 15 yard line through the upright for 1 point.

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