Kevin Durant what have you done

So in case you’re living under a rock, we’ll fill you in on the latest reason the NBA just got a little more boring.

Kevin Durant, previous small forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder and current big fat traitor, just inked a 2-year, 54.3 million dollar deal with the team that he most recently lost to. Hint: KD just hired a new cook and his name’s Chef Curry.

Now, this could play out one of two ways.

  1. We all know it as: The Law of Diminishing Returns. Typically the best team on paper can’t pull off the only W that matters, at least at first (see: 2011 Heat, 2015 Cavs, etc). Can the Warriors come together to be greater than, or even equal to, the sum of its parts? Unlikely.
  2. KD goes HAM. Steph goes HAM. Clay goes HAM. Draymond goes HAM, pulls a Mike Tyson and bites someone’s ear off. They don’t need a big man bc who needs boards when you got threes for days? Champs.

Call us cynics, but we’re leaning towards the former. If for no other reason than the fact that we do NOT want another year of Warriors regular season domination. Snooze. Fest. What’s the point of the West anymore if GS has such a staggering monopoly?


So six years ago when Lebron bailed out of the Mistake by the Lake and beasted it to South Beach, Durantula had a few choice words for the current MVP…



Listen. We understand the NBA, like the NFL and MLB and pro sports alike, is a business. KD wants to win. His plan is to win. We get it. The issue we have with this whole thing is that KD HAD a good team. A legitimate contender. And he just bailed to go kick it with the team who shut down that dream this year?

If the rumors about his tension with Russ West are real talk, then that’s one thing. But if it’s just hearsay to justify his decision to bounce, then ew.

It feels weak. It’s a weak man’s action. Dude. Bro. Stay and fight, with your team, and keep the West competitive. Like you said you wanted? Yes, people are allowed to change their minds, but broooo… you’re a competitor. And this is a cop out.

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