Johnny Manziel’s in Cabo

Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!

In Cabo.

And we sincerely doubt it’s for rehab.

We bet he’s drinking water. Hope it’s not from the tap.

In his latest Instagram post, Johnny’s rocking a Josh Gordon jersey that, in his caption, he claims he’s not taking off all week. That’s good. So he won’t be clean internally OR externally.

Why we care

Last week, Johnny’s dad publicly referred to his son as a “druggie who needs professional help,” and implied his death is impending if he doesn’t. Today, Johnny assured TMZ that his road to sobriety will begin Friday – AFTER this one last bender in Mexico. Just one more time! After this, he’s done. I’ll be a good boy daddy I swear!

We’ve heard that before.

In his caption, Manziel mocked his father’s statements with a #hidad, and claimed some epic comeback is on the way for himself and his brother, perpetually-suspended Browns receiver Josh Gordon.

Dude, let’s start coming back from Mexico before you spout some bs about making it back to the league. In case you don’t recall, no. one. wants. you. They didn’t want you before the domestic violence dispute and the house you trashed in LA. You think they want you now?

Boy bye.

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