Fantasy Roster: Girard Pique


It only seems fitting to add a soccer player to our Fantasy Roster. Why, you ask? Because soccer players are hot. ALL of them.
Like, every. single. one.
And futbol is the most popular sport in the world.
And these pros get PAID. Paid in money, paid in mansions, paid in endorsements… PAID.

We could have chosen David Beckham (we still might.) But we didn’t.
We could have chosen Christian Ronaldo (duh.) But we didn’t.
We could have chosen Landon Donovan (lol, totes kidding. But killer futbol player.) We obviously didn’t.

But who we did choose to be on our Fantasy Roster, is just as Euro, GQ fitted and soccer ball spinnin’ as Beckham and Ronaldo. Ladies and gents, let us introduce you to Gerard Pique, 10-years-younger-hot-man-toy to Shakira. Yes, Shakira.

We do not lie. (And neither do her hips).

Ahhhhh, the spicy is real.

Born in Barcelona, Pique underwent his career in the youth league of FC Barcelona’s club, and then went on to play for Manchester United. He has now moved back to FC Barcelona and also plays for the Spanish National team. Pique’s contract has been extended through 2019. He has won the Breakthrough Player of the Year award, Best Defender awards, as well as won many European Championships, and has been to the FIFA World Cup (where he met his Colombian lover. Fate).

Alright, so it’s clear to see that we just picked Gerard Pique as an outlet to talk about Shakira. Sorry ‘bout it.

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