Fantasy Roster: Antonija Misura


Go ahead and say it out loud: Antonija Misura. Antonija Misura…

Just the added “J” alone in her name makes her sound even more European sexy.  

Ugh. Major girl crush.

This 28 year old is not only a Euro basketball player, but she’s also an Olympian, representing her home country of Croatia. Antonija has been deemed one of women’s basketball’s sexiest people… and we couldn’t agree more.

Standing 5ft 10in with blonde hair, dreamy skin (yeah, I said it) and a killer bod- what’s not to love? And let’s not forget about the fact that she’s an Olympian (as if she’s not perfect enough already) who averages 18 points and 4 assists per game. Chick’s got skills.

Even Nate Robinson agrees with us, tweeting, “Wow Antonija Misura might be the most beautiful woman basketball player ever to lace up some sneakers #sheKiller…”

Unfortunately (or fortunately) there are more half-naked pictures of Antonija than basketball stats, but do we care? No. And neither should you.

Take a second to admire this babe, our newest Fantasy Roster addition:

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