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BREAKING NEWS: Claims That Adrian Peterson Didn’t Know He Had A Son

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We have seen social media blow up with condolences and heartfelt messages in regards to the horrific death of Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son. Yet, we were astonished to see a post quite like this one.

Bobby Ruffin boldly claimed Friday evening, that he is in fact the father figure of the little man; and that Adrian Peterson has only just recently found out that he is the biological father. Ruffin claims that AP “has no problem playin on Sunday” because he met the boy for the first time when he was already in a coma. Ruffin also states that he is sick of all of the attention that Peterson has been receiving on behalf of this tragedy.

The name of the little boy has been withheld from media at the request of the family. Ruffin affirms that the child’s name is Tyrese Robert Ruffin.

SSS has it on good authority that this Facebook status is accurate.

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